Hello, I'm Chris Burgesse

I'm a Graphic Designer with an Illustration background, and I love to make things work. Scroll down to see examples of my designs:

Geek Sweets
Welcome to my illustration and icon design portfolio, featuring work for "Geek Sweets: An Adventurer's Guide to Baking Wizardry," a recently published cookbook. Collaborating closely with my wife, I brought her whimsical vision to life through illustrations and icons.
Max's Morsels
Max's Morsels: Premium dog treats crafted with care. The logo and packaging showcase organic ingredients, delivering healthy and delectable treats for your furry companions. Vibrant, playful designs captivate dog owners online and in pet stores.
Carole's Country Kitchen
For Carole's Country Kitchen, I had the pleasure of creating a cohesive branding package for the owner that included business cards, loyalty card stamp, and jam jar packaging.
Wicked Waffles
Our skull waffle logo for Wicked Waffles captures their mission to explore a wicked side and reimagine a classic delight.
Production Design
As a graphic designer, I prioritize meeting tight deadlines in a fast-paced industry. With a focus on efficiency, I deliver top-notch production design without compromise.
Timber Lumber
I crafted a bold and instantly recognizable logo for Timber Lumber Co., capturing their unwavering commitment to quality and strength. The design exudes the natural beauty and warmth of wood.
Wedding Owls
The invite and guestbook design celebrate the couple's love for nature and owls. The wedding invitation features a hand-drawn illustration of two owls symbolizing the bride and groom. The guestbook includes a unique hand-drawn illustration on the cover, with blank pages for guest messages.
D&D Icon Set
For Dungeons & Dragons aficionados, I created a captivating icon set featuring all the current D&D 5e classes. Each icon captures the essence of its respective class with eye-catching designs, from the fierce Barbarian to the cunning Rogue.
Holmade Games Stationary
Creating an eye-catching and welcoming stationary design for Holmade Games was the goal. The playful design and vibrant colors evoke childlike innocence and nostalgia for parents, appealing to the target audience. Whether it's a parent's note or team brainstorming, this design brings a smile to anyone's face.
Trane Holiday Elf
Trane's Christmas card showcases a heartwarming illustration of a Christmas elf, embodying our employees' dedication and kindness. Crafted with care, the details evoke warmth, joy, and Trane's welcoming atmosphere, capturing the essence of Christmas and giving.
Dodgeman 2
In a side project with a friend and my first collaboration with Holmade Games, we created something we're proud of. Despite using basic tools like MS Paint, we proved that limited resources can still yield an engaging and thrilling gaming experience.
Purple Chicken Spaceman
I collaborated with Holmade Games as the sole level designer and thumbnail artist for their indie game, Purple Chicken Spaceman. It was a pleasure to contribute to the game's visuals, bringing this thrilling adventure to Windows and Xbox One platforms with a talented team.
Welcome to my Illustration section, featuring a diverse collection of vector and raster illustrations that showcase my unique style and attention to detail. Each project tells its own unique story, meticulously crafted with care and precision.
Miniature Terrain
During my leisure time, I engage in the creation of DIY terrain for miniature roleplaying games, effectively augmenting the immersive experience and enhancing the overall enjoyment derived from gameplay sessions.
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