TMNT X Gundam
As a passionate illustrator immersed in pop culture, I merged Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a Gundam as part of a "swap culture" project for my art group. Using Procreate, I created a raster illustration combining Leonardo's green color and blue bandana with the futuristic design of a Gundam. The result is an exciting artwork that captures the essence of both franchises, creating something new and captivating.
Harley Quinn X Sailor Moon
I merged Harley Quinn and Sailor Moon to create a unique character for an art group assignment. Using Adobe Fresco, I combined their styles, incorporating elements like pigtails, costume, and a modified moon wand. The character also featured a fusion of Luna and Artemis with Harley's hyenas, Bud and Lou. The result is a compelling blend that captures the essence of both icons in an exciting way.

 I created a gender-swapped version of Bane, the iconic Batman character, for an art assignment. Using Adobe Fresco, I designed a female Bane with vector graphics. The illustration captures both power and femininity, featuring muscular build, long hair, and subtle curves.
Dance of the Mer-Family
I created this illustration for an art group that I initiated with fellow artists and colleagues. The theme was Mer-May, with the collective objective to create captivating artwork centered around mer-people. In this endeavor, I aimed to evoke a softer artistic style reminiscent of the enchanting aesthetics seen in Disney animations.
Kick-Flip Kaiju
I created this illustration for an art group that I initiated with fellow artists and colleagues. The theme was Kai-June, with the collective objective to create artwork related to Kaiju (giant monsters). In this illustration, I wanted to create a fun, goofy piece, that was a large sticker design for use on a sketchbook, skateboard, or whatever. 
Concert T-Shirt Design Reproduction
My friends adored a shirt design at the Les Claypool concert but didn't buy it. They sought help on Reddit and found a photo of the shirt. Since the picture was not perfect, I recreated the design as a vector to make a sticker as a concert memento for them.
Cruel Moon's Embrace 
I created this illustration for an art group that I initiated with fellow artists and colleagues. The theme was Julycanthropy, with the  objective to create a piece of artwork about werewolves or shifters. I wanted this illustration to embody a dark mood and have the final result be a large rounded sticker design.
The Croak and Dagger Company
I illustrated this piece for an art group I co-founded, centered around the Frogust theme. Our aim was to each craft frog-related artwork. I intentionally embraced simplicity in shading, aiming for a clean, cartoony feel. The final result portrays a vibrant, enjoyable band of adventurers.
Left to Right - Hopper Spellweb, Melodius Lilypad, Gadget Ribbitengine, Javelin Leapblade, Savage Pondwrath, Virtuepond Faithsworn, Slytongue Shadowkin and Wildleap Thornstrider.
Animal Geometric Tattoo
I had the chance to create a striking geometric tattoo for a Muppets fan who loved Animal. The design depicted Animal's head with stylized geometric shapes and patterns, giving it a modern and edgy touch. I paid meticulous attention to detail, adding intricate lines and shading for depth and texture. The client now has a cherished tattoo that serves as a lasting reminder of their love for the Muppets.
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