Sprite work
Creating sprites in MS Paint was a fun and fulfilling challenge. We added individual defeat sprites for each obstacle, enhancing the final product. As we developed the assets for each level, our creativity soared, transforming the game's simple tale into an epic adventure.
Sprite Animation Cycles
Dodgeman's walk cycle, though simple, was enjoyable to create within our tool limitations. We had fun reversing the cycle while wearing the spacesuit, resulting in Dodgeman moon-walking on the moon. As development progressed, animation complexity increased, and my comfort with the tools grew.
Below are a few examples of some of my favorite static bitmap backgrounds used in Dodgeman 2, which were instrumental in immersing us in Dodgeman's world.
The Complete Package
Dodgeman 2 is a labor of love that grew exciting as our imaginations ran wild. This simple yet thrilling game demonstrates how basic tools can create an addictive experience. I'm incredibly proud of it. Enjoy the level showcase videos below.
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